Lexy Pexy Lexy Pexy EcoTeether ~ The Collette Oui, oui, this buttery biscuit is safe from all chemicals and toxins! It’s made from all- natural, s.. Anvils 9005 Regular price: £19.00 £ 19.00 Available from: Lucy and Belle Condition: excellent condition In Stock

Lexy Pexy EcoTeether ~ The Collette

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Oui, oui, this buttery biscuit is safe from all chemicals and toxins! It’s made from all- natural, sustainable rock-hard maple wood which is naturally antibacterial and non-splintering. The intricate design is permanently etched into the wood, featuring both the front and back details of the cookie. Each piece is hand-finished, sanded smooth, and stamped with the LexyPexy logo and the words 'Made in NYC'. For little gourmands in the making...

"People who love to eat, are the best people" - Julia Child

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Suitable for use from 3 months old Teething Toy FAQ's What products can I use to seal my LexyPexy teether? Your teether is all-natural, comes ready to bite, and sealing is not required! If you do choose to seal, we encourage using a mixture of high-quality organic beeswax and any food grade oil such as mineral oil, coconut oil, or organic flaxseed oil. Simply apply the mixture with a washcloth, let it soak in, wipe off excess, and you’re done! The wood grain will likely darken but this will affect neither the functionality nor the safety of your product. How can wood be anti-bacterial? Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Bacteria generally does not live long on wood, as opposed to plastic where it has a much longer life span and can more easily propagate. You can give your LexyPexy the occasional rinse, but please never dunk or soak your teether as this can cause the wood to warp. Rinsing can be done with a mild dish soap (we use a special fruit and veggie cleaner), followed by a pat and air dry. Please never put your LexyPexy in the dishwasher...this will be the end of her (or him)! I wet my teether and now it feels rough. Blast! Is there a fix for this? Indeed! If your teether’s gotten wet (intentionally or not) and you haven't previously sealed it on your own, it may have a rough texture as the grain of the wood has probably been raised. You can either leave it like this, or go over it with a high-grit sanding paper or sponge. How is it possible that wood doesn't splinter? Believe it! Our maple wood is naturally rock-hard and goes through a rigorous hand-sanding process after it’s been cut. The wood is extremely solid, but your teether is as smooth as the little butt you’re likely diapering multiple times a day... Even after getting wet, LexyPexy may get rough but never splinters. Why are some bits of my wood darker than others? Sometimes sealing or wetting your teether can make some of the natural wood grains more prominent and darker. This is completely normal, your teether is still good to go!
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