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About Us

Welcome to Lucy and Belle and thank you so much for visiting our online boutique.

I was inspired to set up Lucy and Belle because it was my ambition to create a chic online shopping destination for parents and parents-to-be.

My background was not in online retail, before establishing Lucy and Belle I qualified as a commerical lawyer and subsequently worked for leading luxury skincare brand Elemis.  

As a stay at home mum to my identical twin daughters, Lucette and Annabelle I found that during their nap times I would dream up all kinds of business ideas. I have always wanted to run my own business and love to keep busy, I have to be honest I am not great at sitting still!

I am a traditional girl at heart leaning towards classic, chic styles from continental Europe as well as America. 

I am not a advocate of fast fashion, indeed I believe that less is more.  I also firmly believe that you should save up to buy what you really want and when you do decide to buy something make sure that you buy the best quality you can afford.  

Since launching Lucy and Belle in 2014 I have contantly tried to evolve the business to meet the changing and often challenging shifts in the business environment. 


I am so proud to say that it is and always has been my aim at Lucy and Belle to deliver excellent customer service and to really listen to the needs of our customers.  

In addition to stocking beautiful brands such as Pasito a Pasito recently we have been working alongside a Spanish family atelier to create our own collection of outdoor accessories including baby car seat covers.  We can custom make pieces to suit our customers needs and requirements and I am really pleased to be able to offer this specialised service at an affordable price.

I truly hope you enjoy visiting Lucy and Belle and I thank you so much for shopping with us,

Clara x