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About Us

Welcome to Lucy and Belle, The Online Baby Boutique and Home of Baby Chic.

Founded in 2014, Lucy and Belle was established because it was my ambition to create a destination for parents-to-be to shop a beautiful curated selection of coveted baby brands from the comfort of their own home. 

I was inspired to set up Lucy and Belle because I did not find the experience of shopping for my twin daughter's arrival to be particularly easy or enjoyable.   

I can recall with such clarity standing in department stores confused and overwhelmed with the number of choices available as well as receiving conflicting advice from shopping assistants about what exactly I needed to buy.  One standout moment was selecting my baby changing bag, something which I, a huge handbag lover, was so excited about.  When the moment arrived I was presented with one large black ugly bag, and informed that this was the only choice available as I was having twins. 

At Lucy and Belle I can proudly say that we do not stock any horrible black baby changing bags but instead you will find the most beautiful selection of handpicked products perfect for helping you cherish the innocence and wonder of this special time in your life. 

So whether you are an expectant or new parent or are simply shopping for a perfect baby gift I am certain there is something for you.

I truly hope you enjoy visiting our baby boutique and thank you so much for shopping with us,

Clara Bentata